How Pawn Loans Work

If you need a quick cash loan, bring in any article of value (gold, diamonds, watches, electronics and musical instruments are just a few examples). We will place a value on your article, hold your item and lend you cash instantly. When you return the cash plus a little interest, we will return your article. All items are stored in our secure, insured facility until you are ready to pick them up.

Loans are written in 30- to 180-day increments. If you do not have the full amount borrowed on the day your loan matures, simply pay the interest, and your loan automatically renews for another term. Simple and Fair, those are our principles.

Sell Directly to Us

If you want to sell your items directly for cash, simply bring them in to our location and we will make an immediate cash offer for it on the spot. No headaches, no hassle and no wait—you will instantly receive cash on the spot without any aggravation or stress. Typically, items sold directly for cash receive a 20% to 70% more than pawned items.