Services we Offer

PERFECT PAWN specializes in lending you CASH ON THE SPOT!

Pawning is the process of borrowing money with items that you already own as collateral. The more you own, the more you can borrow! And you can buy back your items at any time!

Each loan starts out with two simple questions which really dictate 99% of the loan:

1: What assets do you want to use as collateral?
2: How much do you need to borrow?

At that point, we appraise the assets you bring in. If your assets are worth the amount you wish to borrow, we will process the loan for you.


At PERFECT PAWN you have the option of selling your assets for cash on the spot. Click here to see the complete list of the assets we buy.

Perfect Pawn is licensed and bonded by the State of New Jersey Department of Banking who sets forth regulations governing the pawn industry in the state of New Jersey.